It is with great pleasure that the Producers of the Can-Do International Film Festival and Competition are finally in a position to announce the winners of the 2010 competition. We apologize for the delay in announcing the winners but after much careful deliberation and discussion, the Producers have decided to make one change to the categories we originally devised. This is our first year of running the competition and we have learned much from the experience …. we strongly feel that the change we have made is for the overall good of the competition and in keeping with the spirit of the Can-Do.
Let me explain our thinking …. as you are all aware, as well as the ten individual categories we also had four overall categories … Overall Winner, Creative Inspiration, Visual Effects and Animation and Popular Choice. Having looked at all the videos we eventually came to the conclusion that the ‘Visual Effects and Animation’ category was not well represented, plus the Judges felt that though there were clear winners in each category, there were a couple of videos that deserved special mention. So we have decided to change the ‘Visual Effects and Effects’ category to ‘Judge’s Special Choice’. Any contestant who feels that they have missed out on being judged in the ‘Visual Effects and Animation’ category is eligible for a 100% refund. We apologize to those contestants who have taken the time and effort to submit movies hoping to win in this category. Please send me an email requesting a refund and we’ll take care of it through PayPal.
The other reason we have decided to change the VFX and Animation category to ‘Judges Special Choice’ is that while we were able to finally agree on the winners of each category, there were a couple of movies that everyone was rooting for which weren’t category winners … we discussed the matter, and finally agreed that we needed a separate category for the judges’ special choice. This is a category that somehow captures the humanitarian spirit of filmmaking, tells an interesting and moving story and is a great example of the use of Canon’s HD SLR cameras. The one movie that kept coming up as being worthy of such a claim was ‘Sinema Leo’.
I hope contestants will not be too unhappy with our decision to change the categories this late in the judging process but we take the film competition seriously. We want to establish a framework that will hold us in good stead over the coming years.
We were very impressed with the overall quality of submissions and the wide geographical involvement … this truly was an international competition. Well done to everyone who took the incredible Canon HD SLR cameras and shot amazing footage.
With that explanation out of the way, it is my honor to announce the winners of the 2010 Can-Do International Film Festival and Competition:

  • Over All Winner: LOAN RANGER Directed by Oliver Kember and Ross Turner.

  • Creative Inspiration: THE HEADLINERS directed by Dalton Coffey.

  • Judges’ Special Choice: SINEMA LEO directed by Frank Schumacher.

  • Popular Choice Winner – voted on Vimeo: ESCAPE directed by Dimitris Christopoulos.

  • Music Video: GOD’S UNCHANGING HAND produced by ColdWater Media.

  • Spec Commercial: LIFETIME directed by Jens Schwengel.

  • TV Show Teaser: WWFF directed by Mike Stacks.

  • Movie Trailer: CHILDREN OF ENLIGHTENMENT directed by Peter H. Chang and Noah Smith.

  • Narrative: COMMUTING directed by Christopher Quinn.

  • Documentary – People or Places: URBAN REFUGEES: HIDDEN VOICES IN NAIROBI, KENYA produced by MediaServe International.

  • Documentary – Nature: ANGEL FALLS directed by Gary Brathwaite.

  • Sports Event : GET TRAUMA directed by Saulius Lukosevicius.

  • Wedding Event : ALEX AND GISELLE FUSION WEDDING VIDEO directed by Peter H. Chang.

  • Military and Public Services: LAST LETTER produced by Michael Back Productions.