Second Hand Wedding Dress Tips

Anyone who has ever seen the movies will likely have noticed that in most cases, the bride is wearing the traditional long white gown for their special day.

But not all brides can afford to buy new dresses, plus there are so many other things to consider when planning the wedding. Can the cost be saved by buying used wedding dresses?

Have you ever thought of wearing a second-hand wedding dress? You might be surprised to know that many brides do this. There are reasons why they choose to buy their dresses second hand, and for some, it is the perfect solution.

The choice (i.e. buying new) can be expensive, but buying your dress used doesn’t have to break the bank or drain your savings.

Buying second-hand wedding dresses or even making one yourself does not mean that you should compromise on quality. There are several places where you can get good quality vintage and used dresses quite cheaply.

One such place is the internet where you can find all sorts of things sold second hand, so finding a good wedding dress is not difficult.

As important as looking stunning on your special day is feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing too, and sometimes trying on new dresses just isn’t an option because of budget restrictions (and let’s face it…

who wants to try on 50+ dresses when there are so many other exciting things to do!).

This is where choosing “used” can be a great option.

Second-hand wedding dresses are an increasingly popular choice because they are just that… second hand. This means that they have previously been worn, but are still in good condition to be re-worn again!

The majority of brides choose this option for financial reasons, but there are other benefits too – you might find that the style of your favourite designer’s dress has since changed (so it no longer fits with your ideas), or maybe the design isn’t available anymore.

When buying second hand, your chosen style and exact size is likely to be available which could save you time and money; everyone wants something unique, right?

Buying used also means you get to try on all the different materials and styles without committing to one in particular straight away, which could result in you finding “the one” much faster.

Just remember that you will want to alter it if necessary so don’t forget to budget for these alterations as well. This way you can save considerable money and still look like a princess on your special day.

And the added benefit is that once the big day comes and goes, you can proudly display that dress in your home with fond memories all around it!

Second-Hand Wedding Dress Tips

If you are thinking of buying second hand but aren’t sure where to start, consider the following tips:

  • Do your research! The internet is an amazing place; there are thousands of sites out there selling used wedding dresses so do some comparison browsing before deciding on who to buy from.
  • You should find that most sellers will list their return policy, what condition the dress is in if it has been dry cleaned before the sale and whether any alterations have been made (and depending on these factors you might want to ask for more details regarding sizing, etc.). 

It’s always wise to ask too whether the dress has been worn before, and if so how many times.

  • When you receive your dress, check it thoroughly for any damage or stains etc. that might have occurred during transit. 

If you find something then contact the seller immediately to try and resolve this issue amicably. A seller is unlikely to want a buyer to leave negative feedback for them after they’ve already received their payment!

So if you are looking for an alternative option when buying your wedding dress, consider buying second hand – it could save you time & money!

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