Different Types of Home Security System

It’s an oldie but a goody: the first thing you should do to protect your home and family is install a security system.

You may hear of other types of systems – such as those that use video surveillance, smoke alarms, or motion sensors – but none provide as much protection as a professionally monitored alarm system.

How to Know What Type of Home Security System to Get

The main difference between these systems is their degree of automation and how they interact with monitoring services

Home security is a major topic for just about everyone these days. Every year, the number of thefts tends to increase and with that, you’ll find that home invasions do as well.

There are several different types of home security systems available, each one able to provide protection in its own way.

If someone were planning on making sure their home was secure against theft and strangers, which type should they choose? 

Burglar Alarm

The most common type of home security system is a burglar alarm. These alarms consist of a control box for receiving communiqués from the sensors and a horn or bell for making loud noises to scare away potential burglars.

If a thief breaks a window, he sets off an alarm. The alarm usually makes so much noise that someone in the area will call the police to check it out.

In this way, home security systems can also help protect innocent individuals from being falsely accused or incriminated by setting off false alarms with no actual burglary occurring.

Home security systems can be armed and disarmed with switches on the wall inside your house near your doors and windows; you can activate them on your way out and turn them off when you get home to reduce the risk of false alarms.

Motion Detector

Another type of security system is a motion detector. Motion detectors do not sound an alarm; instead, they detect motion and send a signal back to the control box to activate anything programmed for this sensor.

A good example of the use of these sensors would be in hallways leading to bedrooms or bathrooms.

If someone enters one of these rooms while no one is in it, the lights are turned on because the motion detector sensed movement in that hallway.

This way, anyone entering your home will trigger a light which gives burglars more time to be caught on camera if they are trying to break into your house undetected at night when there’s very little activity around them.

Time-Delayed Switch

A time-delayed switch is another type of home security system. These switches are built within a door or window and have a timer attached to them.

After some period of time, the device will automatically send a signal back to the control box that will set off an alarm.

This can be activated by someone leaving your home by opening up one of your doors or windows after setting the timer on the device has expired.

Electronic Beams

Another common way for homes to become secure is through electronic beams that detect when something has been moved in front of them, which then triggers an alarm.

For example, if you have multiple televisions in your home or office, you might install detectors next to each TV so if anyone is taken away, it sends off an alarm to the control box, which then notifies you.

You can also use this principle when putting together a drawer unit with multiple drawers;

for example, each drawer could have its own motion detector so that if you had valuables inside and someone tried to remove one of them, it would trigger an alarm and notify you.

There are several other types of home security systems that can be used in combination or separately depending on your needs. It is important that every homeowner takes measures to protect their homes no matter what type of lifestyle they lead.

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