Tips For Hiring Professional To Cut Your Trees

When hiring a professional, whether they cut down trees or clear stumps, there are several things to keep in mind. The article below explains important steps for choosing the right firm to do the job, and how to prepare for it.

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Know-How Much Land You Need To Clear

Before you even start looking around for companies that specialize in tree removal services, you need to determine how much space you may have available once all of your unwanted vegetation has been cleared. 

Once an accurate estimation has been made, come up with a budget so that you know what you can afford before getting any further involved. 

For example – if a company charges by the acre rather than by the hour – then knowing exactly how many acres will be affected will help you negotiate a better rate given your budget.

If you don’t know how much land requires clearing, make an estimate.

Start by measuring the surface of each plot (in meters or feet) and add them together to get near the total size in square meters or acres.

Ensure that the company offers full removal – some only cut trees and leave stumps which will require more expensive excavation services later on. 

If there are several trees close together it may be possible for one person to take down all of them at once using a chainsaw with a long pole attached to it – this would be faster and cheaper than taking down each tree individually so keep this in mind when estimating the cost per hour/acre.

Make an accurate estimation.

Add up the surface area of each plot (in meters or feet) and divide this sum by the total number of plots to get near the size in square meters/acres.

Ensure that the company offers full removal – some only cut trees and leave stumps which will require excavation services later on.

Understand The Extent Of The Job

Whether you’re hiring one person to take down a few trees or having an entire team of specialists clear out acres upon acres, make sure that you know exactly what they will be doing before agreeing to hire them. 

There are many kinds of work involved with clearing land; some companies specialize in cutting down all vegetation within a certain perimeter around your property while other companies will just cut down any vegetation within that perimeter that is blocking sunlight from reaching the grass and growing underneath. 

Specialists such as those who clear stumps may be needed if there are any trees left behind after all other vegetation has been removed. Make sure to ask these questions so you know what to expect before hiring a professional company:

  • Are you removing all of the trees?
  • Are you only cutting the trees and leaving the stumps?
  • Do you offer stump removal services?
  • Does your company remove bushes or does it specialize in clearing out grass only?
  • How much does it cost per hour/acre for each type of service?   

Know The Company’s Reputation

Reputable companies will have all of their credentials and certifications on display for you to see before you even call them. 

It is important to make sure that the company has all the proper licensing and insurance coverage in place, otherwise, you may be held liable if anything goes wrong during the removal process (i.e: a tree falls and hits your house or an employee gets injured). 

This also provides recourse if something goes wrong and they refuse to take responsibility for it.

Avoid hiring those without evidence of certification/previous work experience. Look into previous jobs that have been performed by the company as well as any available endorsements from past clients by checking online.

Check for licenses held by the company as well as any insurance plans that might protect both them and yourself in case of injury or damage.

Ensure work can be performed by checking for permits and licenses.

Check for past jobs and endorsements online before hiring a company. 

Ask For A List Of References

After you’ve established that the company has all the proper licensing, insurance coverage, credentials and previous job experience they will most likely ask you to provide them with a list of potential references. 

This is not just so that they can get in contact with people who have previously hired them but also to ensure that they are capable of doing such work –

speaking with past customers will give them an idea about how good their work is and whether they would hire them again in the future based on what type of service was provided (i.e: did they do a good job, did they show up on time, were they professional in their conduct).

Ask for a list of references before hiring them.

Provide the company with a list of potential references that you could talk to to find out about their previous work performance.

Checking References Is Crucial To Hiring

Using references is crucial in finding someone who can be trusted with your yard. 

People generally ask around and speak to several different companies before deciding which one will provide the best service but this does not always guarantee that all of these companies will be just as excellent at their jobs as each other, so it’s important to be thorough when searching for qualified companies.

Speak with past customers and check their credentials to find the best company.

Check online for complaints about the company before hiring them.

Make sure they have all their licenses and insurance before hiring them.

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