The Ultimate Guides and Tips on how to Conserve Water

Water is essential to life, in fact, water makes up about 80% of the human body. However, in many parts of the world, there are many people that do not have access to clean water or even enough water for drinking and sanitation. This leaves them without the ability to even bathe. So why do we need to conserve water? According to this source, 75% of all deaths from water-related diseases are children under 5 years old. The United Nations have made access to clean drinking water a priority over the last few years because of its important role in society.

Although efforts have been made around the globe by charity organizations and governments alike, it is apparent that more needs to be done fast. This brings us back to how important it is that everyone understands just how important water is and does their part to help conserve this precious resource.

In the developed world, access to clean water is not an issue for most people. This, however, should not give you a sense of complacency when it comes to water usage. In fact, despite having an abundance of clean drinking water at our disposal, we can still do a lot more in order to save one of Earth’s most treasured resources. With that being said below are some tips on how to conserve water.

Tips on How To Conserve Water:

Water conservation starts at home. The first step towards conserving this essential life source is by taking action at home. Some easy ways you can start saving more freshwater today include:

Use a Shower Timer

Yes, shower timers are installed on some showers already, but you should also have one that is not built into the shower. That way you can set it to turn off automatically after a few minutes of use even if you do not time it correctly yourself. This will definitely go a long way towards conserving water so why not take advantage of this free service?

Turn off the Faucet When Brushing Teeth or Shaving

Did you know that while brushing your teeth for just 2 minutes with tap water, approximately 90 litres of water are used. Imagine how much more could be saved if everyone did this. This tip actually saves more than 700 gallons of water per year! Another easy step towards helping conserve water.

Go to the Bathroom Wisely

Bathing, in most parts of the world is a daily activity. This means that it uses more water than any other regular chore around the house. In order to help conserve water you should only bathe every other day and keep showers short. A good rule of thumb when showering is to keep it under 5 minutes or less . You should also try not to shave during a bath because this will significantly reduce the amount of water used for bathing.

Wear Sunscreen To Save Water

Yes, sunscreen does protect your skin from harmful rays from the sun but did you know that one of its primary purposes is actually meant to be a way to decrease how much water your body requires during hot weather? When sunscreen is applied directly to the skin, it works by reflecting sun rays off of your body. This helps decrease how much water your body needs for cooling purposes.

Use Less Toilet Paper

Most people use far too much toilet paper than is necessary. Instead of trying to remove every trace of waste from yourself, you should only use enough so that nothing can be seen left behind. This will help reduce how much toilet paper you have to use which in turn reduces the amount of water used during cleaning after a bowel movement.

Conserving Water Tips For Gardeners:

For those who take great pleasure in gardening, this tip does not directly involve saving water but rather maintaining plants that conserve water. When planting outside, try leaving enough space between plants so that air can easily circulate. This will ensure that plants get the full sunlight they need to live and you can avoid over watering plants. If you have a garden, then try building one that is as close to the ground as possible because this will help the soil retain more water. It also works best if it isn’t placed in direct sunlight.

Conserving Water Tips For Your Laundry:

For those who do laundry, consider doing your wash on a cycle that does not involve a dryer whenever possible. Doing so will eliminate using a dryer and significantly reduce how much water is needed for cleaning clothes after they are fully washed. When drying outside, make sure there is plenty of airflow around the laundry being dried. This could even be done from the inside if it is an enclosed space with windows or doors that can open to allow airflow through them.

As you can see, there are countless ways to conserve water. All it takes is a little change in behaviour that you do on a daily basis and over time, the amount of freshwater that will be saved is tremendous. By no means should these tips be followed strictly 100% of the time but they are good guidelines to follow when possible.

Along with saving more fresh clean drinking water, consider conserving as much as possible your other natural resources such as coal, oil and gas energy sources that power our homes, businesses and industries. These Tips On How To Conserve Water can also help conserve those valuable natural resources for future generations.

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