Cleaning windows like a pro an exercise in Covid safety protocols


We’ve all had to take on many rolls as a small business owner during covid and keeping the shop front is just another task many business owners have taken to.  Doing your own windows can save a little bit of cash (though not worth it in most cases a professional window cleaning services is likely cheaper per hour + materials).  Most importantly, you can keep your shop and office windows clean , inside or out, when ever need because they could harbour spital spray carrying Covid or Covid Variant.


After working for a professional window cleaning firm, my husband has agreed to share his finest window cleaning secrets with you! Listed here are the five methods that will help you learn how to clean windows like a true professional! #windowcleaningpro

Tip 1.  Right Tool For The Right Job

Note: You will need to prepare yourself with the proper gear in order to ensure that your windows are sparkling clean when the job is finished. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have the proper tools at your disposal. It is not acceptable to use paper towels or Gitz Aldi Window cleaner! Choosing the appropriate tools is critical if you want to achieve flawless window clarity.

Washing windows may appear to cost a lot of money up front, but if you’ve ever paid to have your windows cleaned, you know how expensive it can become! Hundreds of thousands of dollars over a year! As a result, investing in high-quality equipment will save you thousands of dollars over the course of the equipment’s useful life span. Bonus it is all tax deductable so the ATO will be happy.

  • Blue Dawn Dish Soap
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Window Cleaning Bucket
  • Window Cleaning Mop
  • Window Cleaning Squeegee
  • Holster (this is SUPER handy to keep your tools right at your side)
  • Tool Belt
  • Microfiber Glass Detailing Towels
  • Old Bath Towels
  • Window Scraper
  • Extension Pole (especially helpful if you have second-story windows)
  • Or you can just purchase a starter kit to make it easier here or here

The cleaning solution is the first thing we should talk about. Simply a bucket filled with one to two gallons of water and a few drops of dish soap are all that is required for this project. I have a few preferences when it comes to the sort of dish soap I use, but the majority of them will do the job just as well. I wash my dishes with blue dawn dish soap. I put roughly two tablespoons of soap in for every gallon of water that I put in the sink or bathtub.

Obtain a mop or a towel and use it to swish the water around, causing it to burble and bubble constantly. Ordinary bath towels may suffice as catch towels, and microfiber towels are excellent for drying off any excess water that may remain after the bath. After you’ve squeegeed, you will want to use several towels to dry up any water left on the glass.


Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar may help dissolve mineral deposits on your window. By adding apple cider vinegar to your solution, you can speed up the breakdown of the hard water deposits, and then use the scraper without it to remove the deposit.

Cleaning your windows yourself can cost less than $100, and the clean windows will last for years to come. It will save you thousands of dollars if you’ve already paid to get them done.


Step 2. The Professional Window Cleaning Method

Take a look at how to clean a window now. You will not need to put a towel down in the window seal if you are washing the window from outside; however, if you are washing the window from inside, you will want to put a towel down at the bottom of the window so that it can catch any excess water that comes off while you are washing the window from inside. Begin by scrubbing the window with soapy water, either with a mop head, a cloth, or other cleaning instruments such as a sponge, if possible.

Scrape the Window

You cannot skip the second step. The glass must be scraped, using a razor blade at a 45-degree angle, in order to remove any debris or hard water deposits. We recommend avoiding using a razor on inside windows if they are tinted, as the tinting will be removed if you scrape them in the wrong way.  Even though it should go without saying, if you have two windows that are directly above each other, start with the one on the top to ensure that you don’t drip onto the one you’ve just finished cleaning. It may seem silly, but you’d be shocked how many times people clean the lowest window, then try to clean a window that is above it, causing water to fall down onto a window that has previously been cleaned.

Step 3.  Rinse and Repeat

Step 3 is to repeat steps 1 and 2. Only one pass with the cleaning solution and the scraper can reveal how filthy your windows are. It may take repeated scrapings to remove years of hard water deposits.

Step 4. Squeegee Like A Homeless Guy At An Intersection

My Husband confided in me that if your dry towel wipes one edge of the glass, which adds time to the cleaning operation. you have to wipe the window with the towel. It is preferable to keep the squeegee in continual contact with the window.

Source: Here To Help Clean, Window Cleaning

Step 5. Cleaning the Edge is your friend

After you have squeegeed the water off of the window, take a step back and look at the window from a different angle to see if there are any areas where there is still water on the window. If there is still water on the window, repeat the process. Because squeegees are not always effective at getting into the corners of windows, you must remember to wipe away any surplus water or you may end up with a water line all the way around your window.

Pro  Window Cleaning Tip: Make sure to wipe these off with a dry section of the towel so that they do not leave any other stains on the window.

Tips from an actual professional Window Cleaner

Window washing might be a difficult task, but it is not impossible if you know what to do and what not to do! Continue reading to learn more about the tools you should use, the best window cleaners to use, and how to keep your windows clean in between cleaning sessions. Simple tricks to make your windows sparkle, as well as tips on how to maintain them clean in between cleanings.

DO, Dos of windows:

  • Whenever possible, use distilled water instead of tap water. Water from the tap may contain minerals that cause the windows to become dirty more quickly. This isn’t mission crucial, but it can make a difference in some situations.
  • DON’T forget to take a step back and see the window from a fresh perspective. Often, this will allow you to notice areas that you may have missed while cleaning previously. Using a small, dry section of your microfiber towel, you can rapidly wiggle the filthy portion away.
  • If at all possible, clean your windows in the springtime. In the summer months, the intense sun rays can cause the water/detergent mixture to evaporate much more quickly, resulting in streaks and making window cleaning significantly more difficult.
  • Squeegee windows horizontally, from top to bottom, if you are unable to employ a “rainbow” method due to the complexity of the motion. Alternatively, you might want to think about wiping the blade of the squeegee dry between strokes to avoid leaving any extra streaks.

No, Oh NoNo no of window cleaning:

  • AVOID USE OF AMMONIUM AND HARSH CHEMICALS As stated earlier in this essay, I prefer Blue Dawn dish soap. Add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the mix to combat hard water stains.
  • DO NOT scratch inside windows with a razor. Often, interior windows have tinting, which the razor will cut right through, wasting you money, time, and frustration. Believe me, it is NOT worth it! If you must scrub an interior window vigorously, simply use a bristled brush or toothbrush to clean the difficult-to-clean regions.
  • Regardless of what “hacks” you may have heard about on Pinterest, please spare yourself the trouble of cleaning your windows with newspapers rather than microfiber towels. Yes, you read correctly…newspapers. Newspapers are not recommended for cleaning windows since they might scratch them and leave ink markings on them, undermining the goal of cleaning them!

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Good luck, and remember to clean your windows just like the pros do! This will save you hundreds of dollars per year, because you no longer have to pay someone to wash your windows.

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