It’s an incredible time to be a free filmmaker. Film festivals, when uncommon occasions spread far and wide, are currently standard issues, and the best film festivals on the planet are outstanding as spots where intrigued financial specialists can locate the true to life works of art of things to come.

In any case, presenting your motion picture to a film celebration costs cash, as does heading out to and going to the celebration to advance your film. When choosing which motion picture festivals to submit to/visit, you should separate. You most likely don’t have the opportunity and cash to go to them all, so you have to realize which are the best film fests for you and your film?

Top Film Festivals in the U.S.

In case you’re an American filmmaker, or need your film to get conveyance in America, you’ll most likely be keen on the top film festivals all through the United States. Here are a couple of you should attempt to hit.


The granddaddy of all film festivals. At the point when individuals consider autonomous film festivals in the U.S., Sundance is normally the main name they consider. Established by Robert Redford so as to encourage new ability outside of the studio framework, Sundance has been uncontrollably fruitful for quite a long time. The section expense to present your film is very sensible, $40 – $110, given how rapidly a survey at Sundance can sling your motion picture to acclaim, yet not many films are chosen, under 200 out of more than 10,000 submitted.


In case you’re nearer toward the East Coast, the Tribeca Film Festival may be more your speed. In spite of the fact that not so old as Sundance, Tribeca has immediately obtained a great notoriety. The passage charge is extensively higher, extending from $60 – $500, yet your chances are getting acknowledged to the celebration are a whole lot better, around 17 percent versus around two percent for Sundance, and the prizes can be as incredible.


Austin may be one of the best time film festivals and is one of a kind in that it is author centered. Truth be told, it begins with the Austin Screenwriting Conference, which has its very own challenge that you can present a screenplay to in a scope of classes. Following seven days of screenwriter occasions, the film celebration continues vigorously. It’s an incredible method to make associations with individuals in every aspect of the film business, from scholars to entertainers to executives to makers, and has an entirely sensible accommodation charge of $50 – $85.

Best International Film Festivals

While U.S. film festivals are incredible, probably the greatest film festivals happen universally. Here are some significant film festivals all through the globe that you ought to visit on the off chance that you can.


Any individual who pays attention to film festivals sees the Cannes Film Festival as the cream of the harvest. Winning a Palme d’Or from Cannes is definitely a pass to motion picture making star status. Just 80 films, 30 of them shorts, are appeared out of the a huge number submitted, however in the event that you are a film darling, this is a can’t miss celebration experience. Passage expense for the challenge ranges from $50 – $400.

Berlin International Film Festival

On the off chance that you haven’t knew about the Berlin International Film Festival, you may realize it better as Berlinale. Berlin and its Golden Bear grant is rapidly moving toward the Palme d’Or in the glory securing one can give. Past winning films incorporate The Thin Red Line, Magnolia, and The People versus Larry Flynt. Section expense is $85 – $100.

Toronto International Film Festival

In addition to the fact that toronto is a delightful city to visit and this an incredibly fun occasion, some think about a screening at Toronto as a pass to Oscar popularity. Doubtful? A portion of the motion pictures that debuted at Toronto are Black Swan, The King’s Speech, American Beauty, and Slumdog Millionaire. The section expense is an unobtrusive $45 – $85.

Before submitting to a film celebration, do a little research to perceive what sorts of films normally win. In case you’re doing a narrative, inquire about the best first-time narrative film festivals. In the event that your motion picture is a satire, see which festivals slant towards screening more parody films. Try not to get blinded by the acclaim and achievement appended to specific festivals. Ensure you are submitting to the best celebration for the motion picture you have made.

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